Saturday, 26 July 2014

Juice of the week! v1.

.Weekend Warriors.

After one of those ..’are we there yet’.. weeks that seemed to drag onnnn like the never ending story.. a sleep in and a Saturday early afternoon pick me up is just what I needed. I’ve been hangin’.. absolutely hangin’ to get the juicer goin’ again. There is not much that beats a tall glass of fresh juice of fruits, ‘ergs and greens. The zing that hits your lips is to die for! 

I scored a ‘bargain bag’ at my local grocer with the perfect mix of fruits and veggies to juice. 


1 orange - skinned
⅓ of a cucumber - skin on 
2 celery stalks - leaves and all 
2 bosc pears - skin on
1 medium chunk of fresh ginger

..and juice! 

The sweetness of the ripe pears against the spicy ginger and peppery celery is an amazing mix! 

Definitely gave me the perk up I needed!