Sunday, 19 October 2014

The ONE to watch.

Having spent a couple of my earlier high school years with this sassy lady I am elated to share the amazing label that is miQue with you.

The gorgeous creator, Monique Sophie Commins is a passionate, highly creative and talented lass to say the least. 

Monique completed her Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology at the Kangan Batman Institute in Richmond, Melbourne as well as an array of industry courses at The Melbourne School of Fashion and The Australian College of Professional Styling. 

Now she works as a Floor Stylist for Country Road, juggles her love and passion of miQue and does freelance designing and styling. 

To say that she is busy is an understatement! All I know is the future is very bright for Monique and her amazing label miQue


Firstly, congratulations on starting your very own venture - miQue!! What initially inspired you to start your own thing?

Well I have wanted to start my own label since I was in high school actually. Throughout my studies in fashion design I always knew that was what I would eventually do and I've basically been working up to it since then.

Did you start with a business plan or was your idea enough to propel you into things? 

I constructed a business plan during my studies, which was almost exactly what I have ended up using to start this business. I just made a few adjustments when I had really fine tuned my plans.

One amazing aspect of miQue is that your garments are produced locally in Melbourne. As your label grows, do you endeavor to keep this aspect in place and always be creating hand made, quality garments? 

I will definitely continue to produce locally, as I really do believe in supporting the industry in Australia and of course producing quality garments. I hope I won't be responsible for every aspect of the business for much longer though haha, it's a ridiculous amount of work for one person!

Where do you look for inspiration? 

I look back through the decades for inspiration, as I am really going for classic and traditional cuts and re-working them into modern pieces.

City life can get quite hectic at times, how do you find time to forget everyday stresses and focus on whats most important to you?

Yoga! That's my way of staying balanced and healthy. It's an hour out of my day where I can completely zone out and re-focus on the important stuff - while burning calories, haha. I also love going down to the beach near my house for a run or a walk. I feel so removed from the craziness of life there and it really clears my head. I use that time to focus on everything and everyone that I am grateful for in my life.

miQue is still very fresh to the Melbourne world of fashion.. what can we expect next from you? 

You can expect to see some new products for Summer very shortly :-)

The miQue look is very strong and sophisticated. Who is the ultimate miQue woman? 

A woman who appreciates high quality fabrics and classic pieces in her wardrobe. Sophisticated and strong are actually the two words that I use to describe the style of my coats, the miQue woman and my brand as a whole.

Do you ever see yourself opening a boutique or will you keep it online?

My plans for the near future are based online, but we shall see what else the future holds!

Have you had to overcome any challenges yet? 

Everyday! Running your own business comes with a lot of challenges. The biggest challenge for me at these early stages is multitasking. I want to make sure I do everything to the best of my abilities so it's all about effective time management. 

Where is your perfect holiday and why?

My perfect holiday is having a good balance between relaxation and fun activities in a beautiful and warm location by the beach. A good book, amazing food and great company are a must!


Be sure to check out her website miQue The Label and order one of her fabulous hand made, luxe garments! 

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