Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Picnic at...

Hanging Rock.

If you’re a Melbourne local like myself and you have a lazy weekend then this is a must! 

Only a short hours drive from Melbourne, this is a perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon hanging out at Haning Rock. 

I honestly didn’t know much about this place until I went there.. in 1900 a group of several school girls and their teacher went missing after a picnic on Valentines Day. There was a movie made about the whole tragedy and how it effected the local community. Knowing that, it made it a little eerier walking around all the area. 

I can easily see how that would happen as there are many crevasses and spots where the cliff face literally just drops off. 

It was pretty cool because there were no boundary ropes or poles so we were running amuck, climbing up and in-between big boulders. 

The walk up was quite beautiful, through a small forest and along the edge of the cluster of cliffs/boulders.  
The rock formations were a little breathtaking up close!

Standing underneath the ‘Hanging Rock’. 

My bf fooling around! 

Once we got to the top, we messed around for probably a good half an hour. There were endless little nooks and crannies that you could get amongst. It is like a big play ground! 
The view from up the top was absolutely outstanding. 

On the way down, we spotted a Koala sleeping in a tree! 

A gorgeous Rosella searching for some food. 

Love to say I was an actual free climber! 

And there you have it. 
Definitely worth the trip! 
Next time I will pack a small picnic and take a few moments to hang out up the top in one of the quieter area’s and soak up the scenery. 

If you have ever been there, I would love to know what you thought of it!