Friday, 2 March 2012

Abroad - Canada

After finishing high school I set off for what would turn out to be a whimsical journey that lasted 13 months in total - 8 of which I spent in Canada. Basically covering 90% of the West Coast minus the top provinces, we saw a lot of the amazing Canadian backcountry as well as some of the towns and places on the touristy track... Here are just a few moments of what was a truly incredible experience.  

Snow Ghosts at Big White
View from the highway going past Kicking Horse on our way to Banff...
We started of at the Big White ski resort about an hour's drive from the city Kelowna and then after buying a family van, taking the back seats out to install a bed, we moved onto the ski town known as Banff, Alberta in the next province over. We spent 2 and a half months there, snowboarding, working and sightseeing. 
Elk on the course
Above the view of the Banff Springs Hotel golf course from Tunnel mountain which is about a 35 minute walk up from town - totally worth it with this breathtaking landscape. 
Banff town
The Banff Springs Hotel.. The ritzy place to stay in town! Its basically a castle. 
The above view was a 3 hour hike from the bottom of the valley of Jonhson's Canyon in the Banff National Park (which I did in thongs by the way!) but again totally worth it with this view. 
Lake Minniwanka just a short drive outside of Banff. 
Baby black bear! We saw this within hours of leaving Banff whilst driving through Jasper national park. This was just on the side of the highway. Super cute, we ended up seeing around 5 baby black bears... all just wondering on their own.. surely their mothers were lurking not too far away so we always kept our distance. 
One of the many camp sites that we encountered along the way... After we left Banff, we spent just under 2 months camping all over the West Coast, we covered all of Alberta and British Columbia. 
Kicking horse!
Lake Louise
On our way to Lake Louise... Beautiful crystal clear glacier river
When we were living in this van were literally eating off of a camp fire for the entire time, give or take a few meals at some diners and truck stops...
Mountain Goat licking salt of the road... The salt is laid down to stop ice forming on the roads...
Good old logging country... Once our car broke down and we ended up getting towed.. (we actually got towed 3 times in total after the first) we found out about this backcountry camping map which shows all the logging road and free camp sites... It lead us to some pretty sketchy places but also the most beautiful of them all.. 
I have missed Canada ever since I left... Looking forward to the day I get back there.. I'm thinking that this time I'll go over to the East coast as I've got some relatives in Toronto and I would love to travel up to Quebec and Montreal then sneak down to New York for a bit! One day... 


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