Monday, 26 March 2012

Monday thoughts...

...The weekend is over. Its time for a fresh new look on the week ahead. Having lived through a somewhat eventless last few days, I've been thinking that I need to 'revamp' my attitude to get positive and inspired again. 
I'm going to do four simple things this week to keep me going and my motivation up. 
Eat well. We all know the feeling of indulging in crap when your under the weather or can't be bothered and it just ends in a guilty I've found a few easy recipes for the week to keep me thinkin' straight. 
The first two are from my vegetarian cook book and that last two from my Mexican cook book (all of them can be simplified to minimise stress and effort). 
Drink well. Making sure I get enough fluids for the day.. and limiting alcohol intake as much as possible. 
Think positive. Repeating a few quick affirmations in the morning to set my mind up for the day...
Be myself. Not like I'm not normally, however, sometimes its nice to remind yourself that you are who you are and thats more than ok. 
Where I'd rather be. Always wishing I was somewhere else in the world... Today it's  the Vail Valley, Colorado, chillin' in a log cabin about to go out riding! 
First four photo's my own all others are from my Tumblr feed. 


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