Wednesday, 25 April 2012

As of late/Roadtripping

Having made an agreement with myself to get healthy and stay healthy, running and outdoor activities have been top on my list of things to do. Lovin it. 
Sneakin in one last beach day before the weather turns.. 
More midnight adventures... around the corner from work... I've heard so many things about what the ol' sneaker on the line means.... spot to meet drug dealers? Murder near by? Ghetto turf? or simply a spot to hang your busted up kicks. Thoughts?
The aftermath following this intense storm in Melbourne. 
Dragon fruit. Ever tried it? Its one of those exotic fruits from somewhere in Asia.. Loads of benefits apparently, been havin it on its own or with dinner. Yum. 
Another fun episode from the girls at Lipstick Productions which takes them from the Pyrenees, to Atlantic, back to the Pyrenees on to the Mediterranean. If only it were that simple here in Oz... 


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