Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Beauty Splurge v.3

As soon as I heard about the clearance Body Shop, I was there. Needing a stock up on some products the timing was perfect... 

Cucumber Freshing Water Toner and Cleansing Milk. 
I used these two last night and it left my skin feeling very fresh. Love it! These two lil beauties were only $2.50... so a bought a couple of each .. 

Tea Tree Blotting Tissues for those not so nice shiny moments when your out and need a quick fix. 

Lightning Touch Liquid Concealer with ity bity mineral particles that make the luggage under your eyes disappear... 

Quality goods definitely out perform cheap make up and products. Its well worth a few extra dollars and you know that there is no animal testing involved and all the ingredients are sourced from fair trade communities etc.. 

Get some! 


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