Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Abroad - Vietnam - Part One

I was lucky enough earlier this year to take a month of work and travel from the Southern tip of Vietnam allllll the way up the coast line to the North. It was a pretty crazy experience, with lots of highs and lows. Here are a few pictures from my trip. 
Our first tour for the trip, visiting the war tunnels of Chu Chi. Walking/crawling through these tunnels was definitely an eye opening experience, getting a glimpse into what it may have been like for the soldiers back then.   
The Vietnamese flag in one of the back alley's of Saigon.

Cruisin the Mekong River south of Saigon. 
 A few rare menu items... 
This crazy German guy we met on a tour actually ordered and ate a grilled rat. It was taking a while to come out so we were joking that they had to go out the back into one of the alley's and catch a fresh rat! 
Slums on the Mekong River.  
Pushing fate as I crossed the road in the back packer district of Saigon.  
Ahhhh.. We made it to the coast. Finally. Sippin cocktails as the sun goes down on Phu Quoc Island on Vietnams southern tip! 
 Ridin quads (just outside of Mui Ne) with my boyfriend on Valentines day... Finished off with some sand boarding and a seafood feast by the beach. 
Mui Ne. The Kite Boarding capital of Vietnam and probably most of South East Asia. This place had a rad surfer vibe.. Loads of European travellers come here specifically to Kite Board/Surf as well as loads and loads of Russians. We were shocked at the amount of Russians here. All the menu's and street signs were in Russian and some of the Vietnamese could even speak it!
 mmm... Vietnamese coffee. If you are ever in Vietnam, this is a must. Strong, sweet and served on ice. Perfect for any day in the tropics! 

Sippin' on fresh coconut juice and watchin' my man Kite Board!

Stay tuned for Part Two!! 


  1. Thank you for sharing. Where did you ride the quads? Was that on Phu Quoc island?

  2. No not on Phu Quoc, it was actually just outside of Mui Ne on the coast where all the kite boarders are!