Thursday, 5 December 2013

Escape to the country - Managatang

Going to the country...Gonna eat a lot of peaches...
Well.. sort of. I did do one half of that. Welcome to Managatang. In a snapshot at least.
About a 5 hour drive, North West of Melbourne, Managatang is a quite town filled with wonderful people! A good friend of mine grew up out here and almost every year we do the drive during spring horse racing season for the Manangatang Country Races!
Out in the Wheat fields...
 Getting ready for a hoon out on the farm!
Pickin up the old ford from down in one of the paddocks.
 Old farm equipment.
 All dolled' up for the races!
 Being silly in the fields.
 The old sheep shearing shed.
  Cookin' a damper at the back.
 Barely fields...
 Pickin in the old junk yard.

I definitely feel like a bit of a country girl at heart... Hrmm maybe not country girl, but someone that appreciates the outdoors and simple fun.


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